I have several of my email accounts configured in Thunderbird, including a Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo automatically moves spam messages into a "Bulk Mail" folder. I like to skim the items in that folder once in a while before deleting them, to make sure they are truly spam. What I don't like is that by default, Thunderbird highlights the Bulk Mail folder in bold and plays the new mail notification sound every time it gets a new message. I found a solution on this page - the next to last post by user "geoyo1". It is as follows.

Create a new message filter.
In the "Match all of the following" drop-down, select "Customize..."
For "New Message Header", enter "X-YahooFilteredBulk". This item will then be added to the drop-down. Select it.
Set the rest of the filter to "contains" a value of "."
For the action, select "Mark As Read".

Menu - Tools - Options...
Select Advanced - Config Editor...
Right-click and select "New / String", to enter a new property with name "mail.server.default.applyIncomingFilters" and value "true".

This way, Thunderbird will automatically mark all the messages in the Bulk Mail folder as read, and it won't highlight the folder nor play the new mail notification sound when new messages arrive in that folder.
Firefox has a setting: "Options - Content - Colors... - Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above". This item is selected by default.

If you unselect this item, this will cause problems with Yahoo's webmail interface:

- The Gear icon will no longer display on the top right corner of the page.
- The Emoticons pop-up window will be blank
- The Paperclip icon or the "Attach from my computer" menu item may not work - the File Upload window never displays. (This happened on one computer but not another, so I'm not completely sure of its cause.)

Internet Explorer has similar display problems, when in Internet Options under "General - Accessibility", you select "Ignore colors specified on webpages". If you happen to select "Ignore font styles specified on webpages", that even causes many of the Yahoo Mail action icons to disappear.



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