Large Text File Viewer (LTF Viewer) is a useful freeware utility from for viewing very large log files.

Have you ever tried to open a large log file in Notepad, and had to wait several minutes for anything to display? LTF Viewer is designed to let you quickly open and view large log files, even files greater than 1 GB in size. The viewer displays the beginning of the file almost instantly while the remainder continues to load in the background. I opened a 500 MB log file using LTF Viewer, and the entire file was loaded in about half a minute. Completely loading a 3 GB file took a bit under 3 minutes. Once the file is loaded (or even while it is loading), you can jump to the end of the file (as much has been loaded), or scroll through it using the scrollbars and navigation keys.

The program window includes a background image by default. To prevent the background image from displaying, you can change the settings on the Options window, or manually clear out the "BkImage" value in the .ini file that is in the program folder. The Options window also lets you change the default colors for the particular file extension of the file you have opened. If you want to change the default colors and settings for all files, that can be done by manually updating the "[Default]" section in the .ini file.

The program lets you split the viewing window horizontally or vertically, so that you can scroll through the file separately in each pane.


BareTail - I haven't tried this program, but it looks useful too.



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