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I have a Windows 7 computer with Git installed.

In both Eclipse Kepler and Eclipse Luna, when I open Preferences - Team - Git - Configuration, and select the System Settings tab, there is a Browse button which lets me select my Git install folder. Selecting this folder causes the page to be automatically updated with the Git system-wide settings.

In Eclipse Mars, there is no Browse button, and the other buttons are disabled, so I can't load the Git system-wide settings. It seems like a bug. Has anyone else had this problem?

The Mars version of the Eclipse Help, like the prior versions, still indicates that there should be a Browse button:
If you use Git for Windows as a companion to EGit, make sure EGit knows where Git is installed so it can find the "system wide settings", e.g. how core.autocrlf is set. Go to the settings and look under Team>Git>Configuration and then the System Settings tab.

If you selected one of the options to use Git from the Command Line Prompt when you installed Git for Windows, then the location of the system wide settings is filled in with a path and everything is fine. If not, use the Browse button to locate where Git is installed, e.g. C:\Program Files(x86)\Git.

My user settings are picked up okay from my %HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH% folder. I've tried defining a HOME environment variable, but that made no difference. The Browse button was still missing.

I tried adding my Git folder to my PATH, and that made no difference either. But now I don't remember if I had added the install folder or the bin folder to my PATH... I suppose I can do that test again.

Update: A workaround for the problem is to put your Git bin folder in your PATH environment variable. See comment below.
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